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Experience Atlanta on a Field Trip! Visit museums and more on your next school tour

Georgia is known as the “Empire State of the South” and its capital city offers a lot for student tour groups to explore. Atlanta Field Trips can focus on a variety of subjects, as the city’s diverse population, rich history, academic institutions, and attractions each offer a fresh perspective and a guaranteed fun time.
Atlanta Field Trips to the Georgia Aquarium is a must for classes interested in marine biology. The Aquarium’s Education Department has worked to create an immersive learning experience for students at every grade level expanding on a range of topics. Corresponding lesson plans for tours through the museum can focus on water pollution, the different types of bodies of water, what makes an aquatic ecosystem, organism classifications, chemical testing of water, and others. These lesson plans include interactive components that will allow students to experiment and try out qualitative learning. All school groups will encounter the many aquatic inhabitants of the aquarium, which include whale sharks, manta rays, piranhas, otters, jellyfish, penguins, beluga whales, dolphins, and many more!
For school groups interested in exploring natural history, the Fernbank Museum of Natural History is a great stop for Atlanta Field Trips! The Fernbank also features in-depth tour options and educational programs for field trip groups of ever age level that include exploring the Museum’s range of exhibits. Students will get to explore Georgia’s history, spanning all the way back to the Mesozoic Era to today, and travel the globe as they learn about cultures and wildlife around the globe. The Peach State and the city of Atlanta have a lot of art, history, and culture to offer visiting school field trips and student visitors. Whether it’s exploring the city’s Civil War or Civil Rights history, educational facilities, or interesting attractions, field trips to Atlanta are exciting adventures for educational trips year-round!
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